Monterey Tribe Lacrosse Club

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Communication FAQ

Questions and Answers

Q: How can we minimize all the emails we respond to?

               A: When responding to emails, do NOT use Reply All... instead use only the Reply.

Q: Where do I go to for game schedules?


Q: Where do I go to for directions to away games?

               Click on the location listed and it will take you to an opportunity to get directions
               from your location.

Q: What do I do if I still have questions about schedules or location?

               A: Please contact your team parent who can help you.

Q: Where do I go to see if there are any changes to the game or practice schedule due to rain or other factors?

               Your coach will advise.

Q: What do I do if my child is going to miss a mandatory practice or a game?

               A: Let the coach know.

Q: What do I do if I if I am unable to make one of the volunteer duties that I have signed up for.

               A: Please trade with another parent on your team.
               If unable to find someone, please contact your team parent who may be able to help.
               Contact Susan Torres for general questions ( ).

Q: Where do I send pictures to be posted on website?

               A: Please send to Michael Strasser at ( )